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Ladystanley's 19
The Puck Bunny Side


Yzerman makes Red Wings fly
Yzerman to stay for run at Cup
Oh Captain, My Captain
Hockey players' code makes return of Yzerman likely
Yzerman Nears Unprecedented Return From Knee-Realignment Surgery
The Puck Bunny Side

Hello...I am a female and I am not blind.
Hot Steve Yzerman...

My little fascination with a certain captain who wears #19. Can you blame me?

Look at him. Everything about him is just so perfect!

That sensual mouth so soft, those determined eyes, that gorgeous smile.

The lines beginning to show on his face and his scars are just so perfect.

And if all that wasn't enough, he has great hair, too.

When he is concentrating on the game and he turns and looks my way, I feel like I can see right to his soul.

 His eyes can be as hard as steel and his heart for the game is just so large.

I have never seen another person more passionate in getting what he wants, never.