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Whitney Is Thrilled With His New Team

DETROIT -- Talk about an invigorating change of scenery.

Ray Whitney, a 12-year NHL winger, prepared to head to training camp with the Red Wings on Wednesday. He wasn't in Columbus anymore.

On the bus sat Steve Yzerman, Chris Chelios, Dominik Hasek, Nick Lidstrom-- all future Hall of Famers.

Instead of life with the Blue Jackets, Whitney, 31, found himself with Stanley Cup contenders -- the Red Wings.

"This is the best situation to the start the season that I've ever been in," said Whitney, who signed a four-year contract as an unrestricted free agent during the off-season. "I'm not sure where to sit down -- behind the coaches up front or in the back."

But Whitney, with his deft offensive ability, is expected to fit right in with the experienced Wings. He led the Blue Jackets with 76 points last season (24 goals, 52 assists in 81 games).

Coach Dave Lewis said Whitney is likely to play at left wing, but there's always a chance he could move to center.

"When you cross the blue line, you go wherever you can to try to get open and create stuff any way you can," Whitney said.

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