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Yzerman #19


Steve Yzerman No.19

'Greatest Captain of any Sport'

Steve Yzerman, longtime captain of the Detroit Red Wings, is one of the most popular hockey players to play the game. His finesse and desire to play the game is what makes him a leader, and a winner. He's extremely gifted offensively, but changes from Scotty Bowman's defensive system helped him become hockey's greatest two-way forward.

Steve, over the years, has never requested a trade, nor asked for more money, He actually deferred some of his own salary to acquire Brett Hull. All of these qualities result in the loyalty of his legions of fans all over the world. He's been with the Wings since '83, and now seems as permanent as the franchise itself.

Thank You Stevie Y!!!



Drafted fourth overall by the Red Wings in 1983, Yzerman is the longest-serving captain in NHL history. He began his reign in 1986-87, when at 21 he became the youngest captain in Red Wings history.

He blasted home 65 goals in '88-89 and 62 in '89-90, making him one of six players to net 60 goals in consecutive seasons. He also finished the '88-89 season with 150 points. He was only the fourth player to accomplish that feat. He scored his 1,500th point Nov. 11, 1999 against Edmonton. Yzerman won the playoff MVP award in 1998, scoring 24 points in 22 games en route to his second Stanley Cup.

 In 2002, the Wings' leader won his third Stanley Cup with Detroit, and also won his first Olympic gold medal with Team Canada at the Winter Games in Salt Lake City. (Both of which he helped win with only one good leg).Steve came back last spring after enduring knee surgery that has never been performed on any athlete. Some speculated that he would never play again.     Never say Never..Right Stevie!!

Thank You For The Years Captain!!!